Advantages of ASTROBIKE

Each product has its own advantages. This superiority itself is one of the benchmarks in choosing a electric bike . electric bike that have many advantages will be in great demand by buyers. electric bike Astrobike is a product that has many advantages, what’s the matter? Let’s discuss it.

Auto Protection

 If the Battery is running low the application will give a warning to use the sports mode or immediately recharge your battery to maintain the durability of the battery.

Auto Shut-Down

When you forget to disable the bike, the system will automatically shut down when you are more than 15 meters from your bike.

Multi Function app The ASTRO-BIKE Remote

application can display various information on your bicycle. You can also adjust the performance of your bike and choose the mode you want to use when driving

Bluetooth Connection

Your bicycle connection and smartphone use Bluetooth so it’s very easy to operate. this application you ca  n install in various smartphones


You can pair with various types and brands of bikes that you already have.

Easy to Install

You can install kits on your bicycle without needing special skills and with minimal equipment


Kits are designed succinctly without damaging the look of your bike, so your bike looks beautiful and stays light


Astrobike kits are very light, the overall weight of kits is only around 4-5 kg ​​depending on type kits. So that with heavy kits of around 4-5 kg ​​of bikes installed these kits do not become heavy.

Easy for Using

Astrobike is very easy to use when driving.

he advantages of the above are the advantages of astrobike kits for the superiority of electric bicycles themselves that are environmentally friendly so they can overcome the problem of congestion, air pollution and health so enjoy your life.

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